The CM Capital Group


CM Capital engages in monetary and capital brokerage activities in Europe, the United States, and Brazil. It began its operations in the financial market in 1986 and today has the world’s leading financial companies among its clients.

Since its foundation, CM Capital has adopted a policy of maximum transparency and, in recent years, has made efforts to renew and diversify its activities, undertaking projects in intermediation, private fixed income, structured products, and investment funds.

In Brazil since 1998, CM Capital has implemented a professionalization process in the country’s brokerage market, without losing focus on the profitability of its clients’ investments

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Information Security

This is our priority! All forms of data propagation are monitored: email, instant messaging, and landline phone communications. With network and telephone structures that are international references, we have interconnected systems that enable agility in information to clients, with quality and reliability in communication. All broker calls are digitally recorded and client information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.


The quality standard of CM Capital Markets is based on good management of the client portfolio, one of the key factors for the success of any brokerage firm. CM Capital Markets provides services to a diversified mix of institutional clients, which together represent 95% of the total operations of the brokerage firm. The distribution of this portfolio makes it clear that the brokerage firm treats its clients impartially and equally, demonstrating the solidity of CM Capital Markets in the national market.


The collaborators have a high level of qualification and are constantly encouraged to take refresher courses, both at B3 and other educational institutions, participating in workshops, seminars, and events with market trends and news.


The excellence in the management of the customer portfolio is achieved through a strict risk control process, integrated management systems, and continuous monitoring using monitoring systems and continuous development of processes and controls.

CM Capital e.PLUS
In the trajectory of CM Capital Markets, it is evident that the commitment to safety, solidity, and credibility has brought the most important return: the trust of customers!

Through an engaged board of directors, with a professional history focused on the financial and brokerage market, CM Capital has gained market recognition and, since the beginning of its operations, has always been positioned among the country’s leading independent brokers.

In a brokerage firm so concerned with the quality of services provided, there is no room for lack of environmental awareness. Therefore, as a company aware of its social responsibility, CM Capital collects and stores paper and cardboard for recycling, raises awareness among employees about the use of water and electricity, collects and recycles aluminum materials, collects cell phone batteries for proper disposal, and preferably uses recycled products in its internal and communication materials.

CM Capital Markets Holding S.A. (Madri)

It is responsible for the global strategy, as well as the administrative and financial management of the entire Group.


CM Capital Markets Holding S.A. (Madri)

The main company of the Group acts as an ‘introducing broker’ in 24 countries (Europe, South America, and North America), with approximately 1,000 financial institutions as clients. Its activity consists of financial intermediation (‘introducing broker’) of public debt, swaps, fras, exchange (spot, forward, deposit, dollar swaps, yen, etc.), interbank instruments denominated in Euros or Pesetas, with or without communication of counterparties and with or without information of transactions to clearinghouses.

The Group acts as an ‘introducing broker’ in 24 countries (Europe, South America, and North America), with approximately 1,000 financial institutions as clients.

As an ‘introducing broker’ of the company, it is supervised by:
CM Capital Markets corretora de cambio títulos e valores imobiliários, ltda (São Paulo)

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